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The Ultimate List of Really Useful Gifts (That Also Ship in 2 Days with Amazon Prime)

A thoughtful gift does more than lie around the house (or garage). It's also best if it arrives the day after tomorrow.

Check out these useful gifts for outdoors, bedroom, kitchen, and on the go. These are all Prime ideas, literally.

For Outdoors

O'Keefe's Working Hands Hand Cream: $6.98


People who work with their hands rarely think to care for them. This just might change that: a truly therapeutic cream that absorbs quickly and makes those rough and tough hands feel very happy.

Lifestraw: $19.93


It's a water filter that lets you drink out of a lake or river like you're drinking a milkshake. Need we say more?

QALO Rings: $19.99


Weddings rings can get lost or cause injury outdoors. QALO makes medical-grade silicone rings in every color imaginable that flex with your spouse's active lifestyle.

For On the Go

Ultra-Portable Jump Starter: $58. 99


Jumper cables are good. Not needing a second car is even better. A thoughtful gift for anyone who drives.

Multi-Surface Microfiber Cleaning Cloths: $5.99


Do you have someone on your list who wears glasses? This stocking stuffer is genius. These are incredible for glasses, but they are also good for electronics and other surfaces.

FENIX Tactical Flashlight: $59.95


Once you use this badass piece of engineering, you've never going to look at a flashlight the same way again. It also serves as a self-defense tool for airplane travel, or for the person in your life who doesn't carry a weapon.

For the Bedroom

Ambidextrous Bedside Handgun Holster: $24.99


A guaranteed quicker draw than the bedside table drawer. Trusted by home defense enthusiasts worldwide. Fits most revolvers and semi-autos.

Bedsheet Fasteners: $8.99


Okay, so this gift is a little bit offbeat. But how much time do you waste fixing the sheets before getting into bed (or wake up on the bare mattress after sleeping restlessly)? After a long day, these make for better bedtime.

The Gift of Ambiance: $22.95 


This inexpensive oil dispenser gets rave reviews, providing both therapeutic scents and soothing mood lighting.

For the Kitchen

Dishwasher-Safe, Break-Resistant Olive Oil Dispenser: $13.95


Almost everyone cooks with some kind of oil from time to time. This easy-to-use, easy-to-clean Pyrex dispenser makes it easy and even a little fun.

Adjustable Grind Pepper Mill: $27.95


Everyone loves freshly ground pepper. This sturdy pepper mill feels solid to use and looks great on the counter.

Chemex 6-Cup Drip Coffee Maker: $47.99 (prices may vary) 


This low-maintenance coffee maker is perfect for a single professional, student, or any caffeine addict who likes to keep their coffee pure and the process simple. Those who choose Chemex rarely go back! Don't forget some filters.

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The Ultimate List of Really Useful Gifts (That Also Ship in 2 Days with Amazon Prime)