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Get Ready for Your Fall Adventures with This Traditional Antelope Hunt

If you think antelope hunting is challenging, try a traditional antelope hunt with a homemade recurve.

Out here on the prairie one of the first hunting seasons to open is antelope season. Generally the weather is still hot and dry at that point in the year. Come to think of it, it always seems to be hot and dry until about December when it becomes cold and windy. Anyways, as antelope seasons open up you can bet a few camo-clad ladies and gents will be heading out to chase these critters across the plains. Few though will be on a traditional antelope hunt.

For obvious reasons, a traditional bow really cuts down the percentage of a success for a hunter, especially in wide open spaces. Traditional bowhunters know this. In fact they thrive on the challenge, and tote their traditional gear well aware they could go home empty handed because of it. Take this challenge and add a homemade bow into the mix, and now you’ve really got a heck of an trial ahead of you.

Watch one hunter hit the bullseye on his traditional antelope hunt and enjoy his moment in the sun.

A tip of the hat to you, sir. What a great accomplishment.

There are a number of ways to hunt antelope out west. The most popular is to hunt out of a blind. Antelope have about as good of vision as you can find in the animal kingdom, and live in some of the most open country you’ll ever see. For that reason many folks choose to hunker down in a ground blind. You’ll hear in all the hunting magazines and videos about sitting on water, such as the fella in the video. This is a great strategy, but finding a location with water that sparse is not as easy as you would think. Most times there are cattle tanks dotting the landscape which antelope can choose between. It is a great way to hunt these speed demons, but try to find the biggest and driest country you can.

The other option is to spot and stalk hunt. I can tell you from experience this is no easy chore. The real key is to find good terrain first, then look for antelope. If you find good antelope numbers, search the nearby area for ravines, tall brush, or some kind of terrain change. It is flat out impossible to stalk antelope in many situations, so by finding favorable terrain in and around high densities of antelope you can hope to get the drop on one that way.

If you are planning an antelope hunt this fall good luck. Whether you are toting a compound bow or choose to make it a traditional archery hunt, you’ll surely face a big test. However you choose to hunt, hopefully you’ll find some peace and solace beneath the blue skies and summer sun.

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Get Ready for Your Fall Adventures with This Traditional Antelope Hunt