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This is What it Looks Like to Be Pummeled by a Dolphin [VIDEO]

dolphin tackles a surfer

When the surf is tough, everyone is fighting over the good waves. So much so that this dolphin tackles a surfer who tries to steal his wave.

If you’ve ever tried surfing, you know that the ocean doesn’t always cooperate. Sometimes it is very difficult to get a good wave to ride and if you do, you better hope no other surfers get in your way.

We can’t be sure if those were the conditions on the day Matt Minich filmed this video or not, but we know one thing for sure: don’t get in the way of a dolphin riding a wave.

Minich shot this video in Hermosa Beach, California and says he is sure that no one, human or dolphin, was hurt by the contact.

Since we can’t prove if the tackle was intentional, we are going to have to let this dolphin off with a warning. However, the next time a dolphin tackles a surfer there will be consequences. No surfing for 10 minutes!

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This is What it Looks Like to Be Pummeled by a Dolphin [VIDEO]