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Get a Palomar Knot Review with This Quick Tutorial [VIDEO]

Most anglers know how to tie the Palomar knot.

A little refresher never hurts.

The following video offers a review (or instruction for first timers) in tying the famous Palomar knot.

The Palomar is one of the strongest fishing knots there is for light lines and one of the simplest to tie. Also, it's one of the few knots that work well with braided line.

It's a good way to attach a fishing hook, a drop-shot rig or a lure. Some folks even use the knot to attach objects, like a tie-out, to a rope. It works as long as the object isn't too big to go through the loop and the rope can go through the object twice.

If you do it right, it won't loosen. The video is simple to follow, and it also features step-by-step instructions. So, just about anyone should be able to tie it right.

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Get a Palomar Knot Review with This Quick Tutorial [VIDEO]