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Get Paid to Live in a Montana Ghost Town for a Summer [PICS]

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If you have a love for roughing it and are adventurous, this opportunity might just be right for you.

Come and be a minimally-paid volunteer at Garnett Ghost Town, Montana’s foremost authentic ghost town. The key word in ghost town is ghost; so yes, Garnet has been accused of being haunted, but that’s part of the fun isn’t it?

Garnet is located 6,000 feet above the Garnet Range. The town boomed in the 1900s during the gold rush days and was an important mining center. The town flourished with all the needed amenities and necessities of the time including a school. The town went bust in the 1940s.

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The Bureau of Land Management decided to allow volunteer caretakers the winter of 1973. This was after buildings were being burned during the harsh winter months. This deliberate arson was to pan for gold that may have fallen through the building’s floor boards.


With hundreds of visitors bringing new life to the place, volunteers are responsible for providing tours, selling souvenirs, and general upkeep. In return, volunteers receive a furnished cabin to stay in, a food stipend, and a modest paycheck. This being a true western ghost town, running water, electricity and WiFi are not included.

Fine Art America
Fine Art America

This truly is a unique volunteer opportunity. How many people can say they lived in a ghost town? Those interested can apply through the Missoula area BLM field office.

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Get Paid to Live in a Montana Ghost Town for a Summer [PICS]