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How to Get Paid $30/Hour to Hunt Feral Hogs

Photo courtesy of Times Picayune

Hunt feral hogs and get paid? That’s right, you just need to join the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s office before October 1.

According to the Times Picayune, the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s office is teaming up with the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-West in an attempt to eliminate feral hogs causing damage to the Louisiana’s flood protection levees.US-HUNTING-TEAM-mrec

Louisiana is home to some 500,000 wild pigs. With no natural predators in the area, these pigs are living the good life, rooting in the Authority’s flood control berms and causing costly damage in the process, but it is time for a reckoning.

Starting October 1, officers will begin taking these hogs down using any means necessary. Four man sharpshooter teams will use tricked out .308 caliber rifles equipped with silencers, night vision scopes and thermal imaging cameras in their effort to eliminate the porcine pests.

The hunts will take place near Jean Lafitte National Park and along Lake Catouche. Officers will be paid $30/hour for their work, earning between $480 and $600 per hunt. The Flood Authority has authorized up to $25,000 for the effort.

All this talk of pigs biting the dust may have you pork lovers drooling, but don’t start digging a pit or firing up your smoker yet. Although the USDA has stated that the West Bank hog population is relatively healthy, the hogs will be left on national park property to avoid the risk of disease.

If these feral hogs aren’t scared, they should be. The Sheriff’s Office has a long history of taking on nuisance animals dating back to the 1990s when they started whacking nutria. Officers shot 250 of the large rats on the first day of the hunt and now shoot about 30 per month to keep the population in check.

The Sheriff’s Office was also called upon to eliminate coyotes in populated areas after Hurricane Isaac in 2012. Bottom line, these guys mean business.

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How would you like to hunt feral hogs for $30/hour?  Leave a comment below and let us know.


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How to Get Paid $30/Hour to Hunt Feral Hogs