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Get This: The New Benelli Shotgun is an Over/Under [VIDEO]

Benelli USA

Yep, you read that right- the Italian gunmaker famous for their inertia driven semi autos have now introduced a gorgeous over/under that could change the double-barreled shotgun game forever.

For years, Benelli has produced some of the world’s finest autoloading shotguns. Famous for their durability, reliability and shootability, Benelli shotguns have been extremely popular among hunters and sportsmen.

The new Benelli 828U, however, represents their first foray into the world of fine over/under shotguns.


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This new Benelli has many features that have never before been seen on an over/under shotgun. The action of the 828U features a movable breech face, that when locked into the mono-block (i.e. when the action is closed), focuses all the pressure into the chamber. This takes much of the stress away from the frame of the gun, ensuring a long and happy service life.

The 828U also features Benelli’s Custom Fit stock, which is adjustable for drop, cast, comb height, and length of pull all within minutes. The Progressive Comfort recoil system promises to make this a pleasant gun to shoot, and the removable trigger group is a welcome addition (and common on guns of this price point), as are the cryogenically treated barrels and chokes.

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Simply put, the new 828U from Benelli is gorgeous. The satin walnut stock is beautiful, the detail  and engraving are impressive, and the adjustable carbon-fiber rib is a pleasing contrast. The gun can be had in 26 or 28-inch barrels; the anodized version retails for $2,499, while the nickel-plated model will set you back $2,999.

While the overall package is extremely pleasing to the eye, if any faithful Wide Open Spaces readers would like to know how well this beauty shoots my birthday is coming up soon…


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Get This: The New Benelli Shotgun is an Over/Under [VIDEO]