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Get a Load of This Robotic Target From Targamite [VIDEO]

Shooting at the robotic target

Do you need a robotic target for more of a challenge at the shooting range?

Then look no further than the Targabot from Targamite.

This incredible device offers a lot of fun for a day at the range. Use it to train for various shooting scenarios.

There is one feature that you will see in the video that makes it a lot more awesome than your average robotic target.


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I think I am ready to head for the shooting range now. The random setting feature looks like it would be fun and perhaps a bit maddening as well. Clearly you will need steady hands and a good eye to be successful while shooting with this robotic target. With a target this interesting, more people will be wanting to head out to try their hand at the range.

My favorite feature was the USB plugin. You could set up your own sequence or program for contests with friends, or just to give yourself a new challenge when you get bored with a normal day at the shooting range. Whatever you decide to use it for, the Targabot will definitely make you a better marksman.

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Get a Load of This Robotic Target From Targamite [VIDEO]