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Get Your Kids Shooting with the 4-H Shooting Sports Program [VIDEO]

4-H Shooting Sports programs offer youngsters life skills while learning to shoot.

Looking for a way to get your kids some quality instruction in the shooting sports? A local 4-H Shooting Sports program might be your answer.

4-H Shooting Sports programs are open to kids aged seven to 18. The national program includes shotgun, rifle, pistol, muzzleloader, air rifle, and archery, as well as hunting and conservation elements. All programs are locally run, so the offerings may differ in your area.

4-H Shooting Sports programs are run by well-trained, volunteer shooting instructors. Instructors learn the proper mechanics of the various shooting disciplines, how to teach those mechanics, and most importantly, how to safely teach youngsters. All volunteers must undergo background screening and register with the State 4-H program.


The kids learn shooting skills that they may use their whole lives, but those are not the most valuable learning experiences from participation in 4-H. Safety is foremost in 4-H shooting programs, and participants learn discipline and responsibility in shooting safely and watching out for the safety of others. They make new friends, and learn to be part of a team.

As the video says, participants, “learn to shoot straight, and to be straight shooters in life.”

Check out 4-H programs at, and click on “Find Your Local 4-H” to find a 4-H closest to you. You can also search for your state’s 4-H shooting sports.

I’ve instructed shooting sports for years, and can attest to the importance of starting novices with proper techniques. Unlearning bad habits can be much harder than learning the right way to begin with. Trained instructors can get your kids off to a good, successful start.

Get your kids involved, and consider getting involved yourself as an instructor.

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Get Your Kids Shooting with the 4-H Shooting Sports Program [VIDEO]