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Hike the Trans Canada Trail as a Paid Position [VIDEO]

If you love hiking and exploring the outdoors then you need to apply for the Ultimate Canadian Explorer gig at Woods Canada. 

The Trans Canada Trail which is planned to be over 24,000 kilometers (14,913 miles) when completed is begging to be explored and with this opportunity, you can actually get paid to do it. The ultimate Canadian explorer gig at Woods Canada is any outdoorsman’s dream.

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Check out the promotional video to learn a little more about this extraordinary opportunity.


This looks like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a couple of outdoor adventurers. The Woods website gives some more details on the specifics of the job but in general it looks like you can apply as an individual or a pair, and the job will last from May until September of this year.

The best part is the pay. If you are selected, not only are all your travel expenses, gear, and food costs covered, but you also get a total of $20,000 for your time.

If you think this sounds like you then start planning your application video today and get it submitted by the deadline of April 17th.

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Hike the Trans Canada Trail as a Paid Position [VIDEO]