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Get in Shape With Russian Push-ups [VIDEO]

russian pushups

They don’t look easy, but Russian push-ups will put you, and your rifle, to the ultimate test on the range.

In a pretty impressive display of strength, Instructor Zero does a few Russian push-ups using his AK-47 rifle.

However, Instructor Zero isn’t the only one who displays strength in this video. His AK-47 shows just how durable and strong these rifles really are. He puts all of his weight, plus that of his gear, directly on the rifle’s magazine, and it winds up no worse for the wear.

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We don’t recommend trying any Russian push-ups at home, but this video truly is remarkable to watch. If you insist on seeing how many Russian push-ups you can manage, at least make sure your gun isn’t loaded, and save the vodka for later!

What’s next? Instructor Zero doing push-ups with a pistol in each hand? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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Get in Shape With Russian Push-ups [VIDEO]