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Get into Hunting Shape, No Gym Required [VIDEO]

No gym, no problem. With Train To Hunt, these DIY workouts will get you fit enough to hit the hills with confidence this hunting season.

Did out-of-state draw results pad your pocket with a coveted elk or sheep tag? Are you planning a perennial back-forty whitetail hunt with buddies or family members?

Either way, how you feel physically can help your performance and recovery in the field this fall. Fitness and hunting have developed a mutually beneficial relationship and Kenton Clairmont is the matchmaker.

Your backpack and some added weight are the key components to successfully elevating your fitness level for the upcoming hunting season.

With the competition season winding down for the 2015 season, your preparation for the 2016 season can get a jump start.

Membership is not required as Kenton has made many of his workouts available on the Train To Hunt YouTube channel.

If you are interested in membership and/or competing in one of the many regional qualifiers, check out the Train To Hunt website for registration rates and competition dates.


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Get into Hunting Shape, No Gym Required [VIDEO]