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Exclusive Interview: Get Hooked up with Postfly Box [PICS]

All photos: Postfly Box

Are you passionate about fly fishing? Then Postfly Box is your one-stop shop. They deliver flies directly to your doorstep, so you can spend more time on the water.

We recently had a chance to talk to Brian Runnals, owner and operator of Postfly Box.

He's a really cool guy with an outstanding business serving the everyday angler - you! Whatever your fly fishing needs, Postfly Box has you covered.

Tell me about Postfly Box. When, how, and why did you get started?

"Postfly was born in my basement apartment in October 2013. I had worked for a handful of technology startups. Some were very successful, some not at all. I realized I could apply a great deal of what I had learned to something I was incredibly passionate about.

At the time, there were several subscription box companies targeting conventional anglers, and I scratched my head for a bit and wondered why they had forgotten about fly fishermen and women.

With a few cases of beer and a maxed-out credit card or two, I was able to build the first iteration of the Postfly Box website. I had one goal: To be the easiest way to get what you need to be successful on the water.

Our first monthly fly box shipment went out in December 2013 to eight customers, and I was so stoked. Today we ship thousands of boxes each month, and some of those original eight customers are still with us."

Tell us about your top products.

  • "Our best seller is our trout box. A dozen(ish) curated, super high-quality flies, which are effective in any trout-holding water, with an ID card and tips/descriptions and a sweet sticker for $15 or less.
  • We've recently rolled out a line of streamside essentials, like floatant, leader, tippet, and other fly fishing products, as well.
  • All of our products are priced under retail and ship for free, so very few boxes leave the warehouse without at least one of them added to it.
  • We've also have subscription boxes for steelhead, bass, and saltwater fly fishing. We have less members in those categories than the trout box, but we're trying hard to catch up.
  • We're also working on carp and predator boxes for the truly crazy fly fishermen and women. Those should be available shortly.
  • Another product we sell a ton of is the Tacky Fly Box. This isn't our product, we are a dealer for them, but our customers absolutely love this thing. We do too. It's hands down the #1 fly box on the market, period, end of story. And we ship it for free."

What is your earliest fishing memory?

"I had an uncle who would take me fishing a bunch as a kid. I don't remember catching all that much with him, but he always had a Bud heavy in his hand and ALWAYS thought he had a bite. He's not around any more, but he was a great guy and was a big influence on my love for fishing. Miss ya, Uncle Mike."

What's inside your tackle box?

"Lots of flies. I'm a spin fishing convert, so most of my bulky spin fishing tackle has been replaced with small hooks and feathers over the years. I've still got all my spin gear in case of an emergency, though."

What's the one important thing everyone forgets to bring when they go fishing?

"A friend who doesn't know how to fish."

Where are the best fishing spots you've either been to or heard of?

"Being in Boston, I'm spoiled. We've got the richest saltwater fishery on the planet at arms reach, as well as countless freshwater ponds and lakes nearby. New England also has a bunch of world class trout streams that don't get a ton of hype... which is kind of nice. Number 1 on my bucket list is Kamchatka. One day!"

Describe your most awesome catch ever.

"A beautiful 5-foot, 8-inch ladyfish that said yes when I asked her to marry me."

Tell us about "the one that got away."

"This was the ultimate bonehead move. A number of years ago, I got my first boat and I thought it would be a great idea to go tuna fishing. On my first try for tuna, we had the reels and rods but no idea what to use for terminal tackle, so we thought a pre-rigged Eagle Claw bluefish rig might do the trick.

We tossed in a live mackerel, and no BS, within five minutes of the mack hitting the water, the 80# rod bent over, tip to the water. The fight lasted no longer than 20 seconds, and all I had left on the end of the line was a frayed wire leader and a broken heart."

What's one tip should every angler should know?

"Don't take fishing too seriously, it's about having fun outdoors and sharing those experiences with your friends and family."

If you could tell potential customers one thing about Postfly, what would it be?

  • "Fly fishing is not as hard as you think! There can be an intimidating stigma around fly fishing, and it's bogus.
  • Our mission is to break down that wall to get more people involved in this amazing sport. The internet is a great, non-intimidating way to get information, ideas, and ultimately, products to get you set up for success on the water.
  • Our products make amazing gifts. We have 3-, 6-, and 12-month gift plans available.
  • We now have a team of employees and it's pretty awesome to now be able to employ people and allow them to do what they love with Postfly Box."

Sign up today and be part of the growing Postfly box community.

All photos: Postfly Box

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Exclusive Interview: Get Hooked up with Postfly Box [PICS]