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Get Hooked on The Daily Catch [PICS]

The Daily Catch is quickly becoming the go-to destination for fishermen on social media. 

The Daily Catch, or TDC to the already over 11 thousand followers on Instagram, is turning into one of the premier social media hangouts for fisherman all over the world. In just the past eight months since TDC has been an organization, big moves have been made. However, even bigger moves appear to be on the horizon.

The rise of TDC has been interesting to watch. The number of Instagram account followers has simply exploded and for good reason. The brains behind the page decided to do things differently than the countless other fishing pages that flood social media.

TDC specifically focuses on one-of-a-kind photos that are just different than all those “grip and grin” photos that seem so common. It could almost be described as fishing artwork instead of just fishing pictures.


Even though these pictures have been the biggest factor in the rise of TDC’s popularity, what is on the horizon could be even bigger. In a brief talk with the owners of The Daily Catch, two life-long friends, Neil Krauter and Evan Guarini, shared a little about where TDC is going.

For example, they are working to create a global fishing community that is a major influencer in the fishing industry by working with smaller fishing companies. They are giving them a voice in an otherwise loud and crowded landscape.

Right now, TDC is working to help promote Ultraskiff and Line Cutterz by posting photos and sharing on social media. They are also creating content to get the word out that these two companies have some pretty amazing products and deserve some attention.

However, these two examples are just a tip of the iceberg. Other companies have been lining up to get in on the program.


The one rule behind the whole program is that TDC will only help showcase companies that offer products TDC would use themselves. With this in mind, they will always be on a search for the next big thing in the fishing industry and to be the ones to bring it to the masses.

Even though The Daily Catch is still in its infancy, you don’t want to miss what’s next.

You can follow along on the journey, see some amazing photos, get the details on one-of-a-kind products, and be a part of a fishing community on the rise by following on Twitter, Instagram, and even Vimeo.

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Images via The Daily Catch

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Get Hooked on The Daily Catch [PICS]