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Get Your Hands on Trigger Happy Comfort Grips for Your Rod

Randall Bonner

Trigger Happy Comfort Grips are another little add-on that makes a big difference.

These durable little additions to your rod can make a big difference at the end of the day. One of Wide Open Spaces "Most Innovative Outdoor Products of 2015," this product is worthy of some additional attention. After having used them for several months during winter steelhead season, my own personal experiences with them have made me a true believer, and now I have them on every rod.


First, to better understand why I sought out this product, I should share a little bit of my own personal history. In a moment of weakness several years ago, I made a terrible mistake and tried to put my hand through a steel sign.

The result was a boxer's break in my right hand that ended in a hospital visit as well as multiple visits to an orthopedic specialist. The injury caused me a lot of discomfort since that day I made that mistake due to the way it healed. It's a constant reminder to me now to practice self-control and make better decisions.


Prior to using these grips, the fatigue and discomfort from casting all day and fighting fish would evolve into pain at night. These grips have made a tremendous difference at the end of the day, and made my job easier.

The product itself is made of a heavy duty rubber that is extremely durable. There are several different options including a smooth, ribbed grip for baitcasting rod triggers, and another model specifically designed to affix directly onto the handle of a spinning reel.

Physically, I would compare the additional rubber cushion to a custom gel bike seat, replacing the rigid molded plastic with a much more comfortable feel.


I'm a big guy with big hands, and having that no slip grip with a little something extra to hold onto makes a big difference not only after repetitive casting, but during fights with big fish.

Trigger Happy Comfort Grips inventor Loren Jenkins creates his product at home in Elk Grove, California, injecting the rubber into his custom molds by hand, one grip at a time. He also gives back to the fishing community, contributing his products to the Coastal Conservation Association, and the Oregon State University Bass Club.

OSU Bass Club angler Max Kitzmiller says,

"Trigger happy comfort grips make long days of fishing easy. The trigger grip simply makes me a better fisherman due to the fact that my hand is more comfortable and I'm not fatigued during the day. They're a perfect fit for any fishing situation. I use these grips on my spinning rods while drop shotting for bass and even on my casting rods for steelhead. Once you pick up a rod sporting a Trigger Happy Comfort Grip, you're not going to want to put it down."

These products are available through Tackle Warehouse, or through the Trigger Happy Comfort Grips website.

Photo by Brandon Hua

OSU Bass Club angler Brandon Hua adds,

"This is a cool product that any fisherman regardless of species should have. If you fish long days and make hundreds of casts like I do, you need one of these on your rods. It's easy to put on and significantly reduces fatigue in your hands. Once you've felt the improvement in grip, you won't like using a rod without them."


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Get Your Hands on Trigger Happy Comfort Grips for Your Rod