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Get a Grip: AR Shooting Tip from Jerry Miculek [VIDEO]

When Jerry Miculek talks shooting, we listen.

He is one of the fastest shooters in the world, with record-setting speeds. We should be all ears when he gives advice.

Miculek explains how to properly grip the AR for more accurate shooting when rapid firing.


This is great advice for anyone wanting to improve their shooting.

Miculek explains how to keep firm pressure with your grip hand, so the rifle won’t shift if you move your support hand. He also advises to keep your wrist locked, like you would when firing a pistol, so you minimize any sway with your sights. You will then use your support hand to aim the gun.

Another great point Miculek mentions is you want to put just enough pressure on the rifle with your support hand to keep it from shaking and hold it out as far as possible. He provides a good example why:

If I was to make this into a fence post and tell you to brace it to the ground, you would put your hand out as far as you can.

Sometimes, the little tips from the experts make all the difference.

Keep these shooting tips in mind next time you hit the range and you might just find yourself more accurate than ever!

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Get a Grip: AR Shooting Tip from Jerry Miculek [VIDEO]