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Get Dialed in with Precision Trolling Data App

If you troll crankbaits you know how important it is to have your lure in the strike zone.

“Precision Trolling,” written by Mark Romanack, was developed in 1991 and considered the troller’s bible for many anglers. With our evolving technology Mark saw the need for this book to be more accessible to anglers while on the water without the bulky book taking up well-needed storage space. Along came the Precision Trolling Data App so anglers could access this very important information with a tap on their iPhone or Android.

If you troll crankbaits you know how important it is to have your lure in the strike zone. Even though many of the lures we purchase today have the lures’ achievable depth written on the box, most anglers still struggle to know the exact depth that lure is running at variable speeds and distance behind the boat, as each lure achieves its depth differently from another. If an angler is able to understand what their particular crankbait is doing while deployed they are able to increase their hook up percentage considerably.

This is exactly what the Precision Trolling Data App does and with over 180 crankbaits downloaded to this app, an angler is able to determine how deep their lure is running with a specified amount of line out. They continue to improve upon this app and it now has additional features that give you a few different line types and diameters to choose from, as well as including certain diving devices such as Offshore Tackle’s Diving Tadpoles weight systems.


The staff of Precision Trolling put in countless hours of research to be able to keep up with the new lures that hit the market as well as investigate other line diameters and the impact that speed has on them. Every time the staff is able to provide additional precise information for a specific or new lure, your app will receive a free update if you have purchased the lifetime package, which currently costs $109.99.

PT-FS-5 copy

If you’re a die-hard troller or even a weekend angler, I guarantee you that you wont be disappointed with this app. It is a must-have have for any serious angler looking to fine-tune their presentation. If you’re not putting your crankbaits in front of and above the fish you are targeting, you are not catching fish.

Let the Precision Trolling App take the guessing out of the game and get you dialed in on your next trolling bite.

All images via The Next Bite

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Get Dialed in with Precision Trolling Data App