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Get Your Daughter into the Outdoors with These Gifts

A love of the outdoors is a passion that follows a person throughout his or her entire life.

It is this very love that has preserved America’s natural beauty for generations. The best thing a parent can possibly do is instill this love and respect in their daughters at an early age by introducing her to the outdoors and giving her excuses to get out of the house. This holiday season, help to spark her interest with a wide range of outdoor-themed gifts!


With the popularity of archery rising, now is the perfect time to introduce your daughter to this exciting sport.  Not only is it the perfect way to get her out of the house, but archery can open up a whole world of competition and hunting in the future!

For ideas on the right bow and ideal accessories, check out our post on the female’s bowhunting wish list.

Fishing rod

There’s no better way to instill in your daughter an early love of fishing than her very first rod and reel. A lifetime of fun will follow once she learns how to cast and she brings in her first big fish!

For guidance in finding the right fishing equipment, see our post on gifts for getting children into fishing.

Air soft gun

Get her ready to fire the big guns some day by starting her off with an air soft gun. Easy, inexpensive, and relatively safe, she can get all the practice she needs before she’s ready to move on to rifle shooting. Air gun range doesn’t hold a candle to their full-powered cousins, but can be a great introductory weapon for girls.

This Daisy Pink Model 1998 .177 Caliber Air Rifle could be perfect for your daughter or granddaughter, but if they are past the pink stage, consider the Ruger Air Hawk .177 Caliber Air Rifle Combo which comes complete with fiber optic front and rear sights with a 4×32 scope as well.

pink 177Photo via Bass Pro Shops


What use is a bow or an airsoft gun if she doesn’t have the means to practice? Set up a shooting range in your very own backyard by giving her a place to practice.

The RedHead Quad Reset Spinner Rimfire Target will help sharpen her shooting skills. In no time at all, she’ll be ready to take down the big game in the wild. Who knows? Maybe she’ll bring home next year’s turkey!

quad reset spinnerPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

Her own tackle box

What’s a tackle box without bait? Whether she fishes from a boat or a dock, freshwater or salt, stuff her box with everything she could possibly need to reel in the big catch this year! Take a look at The Female Angler’s Gift Guide to track down ideas for a tackle box, and what to put in it.

Kayak or canoe

To be fair, this is more of a family gift than an individual child, but what better way to spark an interest in the outdoors than to give her a new way to explore it? Not only can she explore boating and water safety, but it opens up a unique way to fish in remote areas unsafe for boats with motors.

Bass Pro Shops has a wide variety of kayaks and canoes to choose from, and there’s no denying how cool one of them would look underneath a Christmas tree.

ascendPhoto via Bass Pro Shops


Outfit your daughter with everything she needs to stay warm and toasty this year. From Under Armor to thermals, new boots to camo, get her ready to go outdoors this year!

ladies bootsPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

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Get Your Daughter into the Outdoors with These Gifts