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What Do You Get When You Cross an AK47 with an M16? [VIDEO]

This crazy rifle is actually two rifles, the AK47 and an M16, in one.

With parts from an AK47 and also an M16 rifle, this gun is truly a crossbreed.

Check out this interesting rifle and see it fired on the range.

This very strange rifle was found in Cambodia. It is a combination of two different guns fit together in an odd pattern that actually works.

This rifle, made by a Cambodian gunsmith, uses parts of an M16 and an AK47 rifle. And it works pretty well.

This interesting rifle also will fire the .22 long rifle cartridge instead of the military chamberings of either original rifle. This sweet-shooting little rifle is nothing like anything we have ever witnessed before. It is now a semi-automatic rifle that will not fire fully automatic like the parent rifles could.

So is this now a M47 or a AK16? You decide.

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What Do You Get When You Cross an AK47 with an M16? [VIDEO]