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How to Get the Best Tasting Fillet From a Catfish

best tasting fillet

If you cook up your own catfish, getting the best tasting fillet can be an issue depending on several factors you can’t really control.

First off, the type of catfish you are going to cook up does make a difference. All different fish have different flavors, but as you are about see, removing the fat from the fillet just might make the best tasting fillet of them all.

For those that know, Steve Rinella is the man. From watching all of his shows, he puts forth the image of true sportsmanship that all outdoorsmen should emulate. It seems like in every episode of his “MeatEater” TV show, he consumes whatever it is he harvests. In this latest web episode, these catfish are no different.

So as you saw, here’s one way to fillet catfish and get some great tasting fillets. What sort of tips and tricks do you have that make the great tasting fillets in your house?


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How to Get the Best Tasting Fillet From a Catfish