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Get Your Bear Hunting Bait Ready for Spring with These Tips

For successful bear hunting this spring, you’ll want to follow these baiting tips to get on those big bruins.

For productive bear hunting this spring consider these tips from these Idaho hunters. The hunters I know that bear hunt are very passionate about it and put long hours into preparing their bait sites and hunting stands. Out of all the stand hunting I know, bear hunting probably requires the most effort.

The hunter must put in the time and check the baits on a regular schedule and these guys go above and beyond by doing everything possible to bring in some big bruins.

That is one of the most elaborate bear hunting bait sites that I have ever seen. These Idaho hunters have hauled their bait deep into the wilderness, alleviating hunter pressure, which is the first good step.

The next steps to ensure success are to have completely saturated the area with barrel bait, poured grease around the site, and even attractants hung in socks from trees. They will undoubtedly get some nice bears coming in to the stand and be able to select a trophy.

For more information about black bear hunting in Idaho check the Idaho Fish and Game site at this link.

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Get Your Bear Hunting Bait Ready for Spring with These Tips