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Get Aggressive When Rattling Whitetail Deer [VIDEO]

Rattling is a proven technique for drawing in curious rutting bucks. But is your work with the antlers too timid?

Most hunters know that rattling up bucks is a key tactic once the rut hits. This “calling card” of sorts will draw in curious bucks, eager to find out what all of the commotion is about.


Drew Myers knows that aggressive rattling tactics work. Here is his advice:

Those that have witnessed a battle between two bucks will tell you it is an all out war. There is nothing quiet when two big bruins square off to showcase their supremacy.

One way to attract more bucks is to increase your aggressiveness. Work antlers loud and hard, stomp the brush, and work the grunt call with increased volume.

Get more aggressive with your rattling sequences this season. You may just call in that buck of a lifetime.

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Get Aggressive When Rattling Whitetail Deer [VIDEO]