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German Woman’s Pet Wild Boar Killed By Hunter

Having a wild boar as a house pet is something most people would find unthinkable.

But not for Gabby Gosset, a German animal naturopath, whose pet boar was killed by a hunter in the countryside of western Germany on Monday morning.

The three-year-old pet boar named Lexa was likely mistaken as a feral pig by the hunter who killed her.

Gosset had raised the boar since it was a sick piglet. Lexa lived in Gosset's living room on a mattress along with three dogs.

"I was the top dog, or top pig," said Gosset, according to the German publication the Local. Gosset went on to say that she and her gang of animals had been "a pack and a family."

The unidentified hunter likely shot the pig not realizing it was a house pet.

In the US, feral pigs are one of most troublesome pests roaming the land. Each year approximately six million feral pigs cause an estimated $1.5 billion in damage to land and crops throughout the nation.

Check out how some hunters are using drones to hunt pigs in the Southern US.


Photo credit: wikicommons

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German Woman’s Pet Wild Boar Killed By Hunter