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German Smart Gun Company Working On 9mm

Armatix is on the cutting edge of smart gun technology, with plans for a 9mm in the future.

As reported by The Globe and Mail, the cultural backlash, especially here in the U.S., against smart gun technology has left a large stock of model iP1 .22 caliber pistols unsold.

A watch-style device is required to shoot the pistol; if it is close enough to the pistol, it can be fired.

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The Marker

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The current model is in .22 long rifle, pictured below on the left. The .22 caliber pistol is too small a caliber for self defense.

The new model would be marketed as a personal defense and law enforcement pistol and chambered in the 9mm Nato caliber, pictured on the right. The 9mm offering may sell better as it is a current military, law enforcement and shooting sports caliber.

Handgun and Ammunition

Whether or not smart gun technology ever becomes a viable option, many in the firearms communities feel there are short comings with such a device. Relying on another device to be present to fire their pistol in an emergency situation may be too much to ask.

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German Smart Gun Company Working On 9mm