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German Shepherd Pup Lost at Sea Found After 5 Weeks Missing

U.S. Navy - Naval Base Coronado Via Facebook

A German shepherd that went overboard on a fishing boat near San Diego was found on an island weeks after her disappearance.

Five weeks ago, Luna the German-shepherd husky mix fell off her owner’s fishing boat. Nick Haworth reported her missing on February 10 and believed that even though she’d fallen, she was a strong swimmer and would be able to make it to land.

Unfortunately, San Clemente Island was the nearest land mass and it was over two miles from where Luna went overboard. Nick reported her missing and stayed behind to search for her on San Clemente for days. Unfortunately, she was presumed dead and lost at sea.

Accepting the reality of his situation, Haworth posted a memorial tribute to Luna on social media. In the best plot twist ever, though, Luna was found a week ago – five weeks after her initial dive overboard – on the naval installation near San Clemente.

The San Diego Union-Tribune reported to NPR that “the determined dog had apparently swam to shore and survived on her own for five weeks. She was found to be a bit malnourished but otherwise healthy and uninjured.”

A friend of Haworth, who is currently on a trip, picked up Luna and the two will be reunited this week. He is already so excited to have his girl back because he knew she was a fighter all along.



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German Shepherd Pup Lost at Sea Found After 5 Weeks Missing