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German Shepherd Adopts Baby Deer [VIDEO]

This adorable duo will make you feel things. A German shepherd adopts a baby deer, and they redefine the meaning of blended family.

We've all heard about and seen videos of dogs befriending, or even adopting, individuals from other species.

Raketta the German shepherd adopted an orphaned fawn, and they are so cute together.

Dogs are some of the most intelligent, nurturing animals in the world. It's no wonder they are frequently called for duty in the military, police departments, and to help people with disabilities.

Raketta shows her motherly instincts when she adopts a presumably orphaned fawn. The German shepherd watches over the fawn and makes sure she's safe.

The fawn happily follows her new mom around and even tries to nurse, which indicates the fawn really does think Raketta is her mother. She obviously doesn't get any milk from her adoptive mother, but that doesn't stop her from trying.

Whatever the reason for this pair's strong bond, they are certainly amazing together.

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German Shepherd Adopts Baby Deer [VIDEO]