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The German MP-44: The First Assault Weapon [VIDEO]

Have a detailed look at the first true Assault Rifle, the MP-44 Assault Rifle.

The MP-44 is a German weapon fielded late in World War II that changed the way rifles were engineered for combat.

Watch this formidable weapon in action as it chews apart targets.

This weapon was issued late in the war by the Nazis and used in limited numbers on the eastern front against the Russians. American G.I.s soon encountered it in the famous Battle of the Bulge, Hitler's last great offensive against the allies in western Europe.

The Stumgewehr 44 (literally translates to Storm Gun) was the first of its kind to incorporate a high volume (30-round magazine) and gas operated action, that could fire in semi or full automatic mode.

It's 7.92 x 33mm rounds could produce a hail of fire against the enemy and many historians believe if it had been introduced earlier in the war the Nazis may have won many of their land battles.

The MP-44 is the first "black rifle" that was the predecessor to the modern Assault Rifle designs used across the globe and it still stands the test of time. Lucky for us, the Nazis were unable to produce it in mass numbers early in the war.

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The German MP-44: The First Assault Weapon [VIDEO]