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Join Pro Angler Gerald Swindle’s One-Boat Christmas Parade


Pro bass angler Gerald “G-Man” Swindle and friends create their very own one-boat Christmas parade. 

The boating antics of Gerald “G-man” Swindle are no stranger to Wide Open Spaces readers. G-man and friends take to the water in this hilarious video to spread Christmas cheer through Alabama on Lake Guntersville. While demonstrating the key tactics of “Larry the Legend,” they find a lunker under the tree.

As cars pass by, Swindle and company wave at traffic as they troll their “sleigh” into some bass, explaining how rhythms and sequences to fishing jerkbaits can create success by “moving the bait with your body.” The how-to instructions are followed by a dance number tutorial of sorts.

“Slack… let it sit… work it out… slack… let it sit…”

If you thought it was a challenge getting a Christmas tree properly balanced in the comfort of your home, you should see how even duct tape doesn’t keep it in place when you’re putting the hammer down in Swindle’s Triton bass boat.

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Join Pro Angler Gerald Swindle’s One-Boat Christmas Parade