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Georgia Votes for Campus Carry

The state of Georgia votes for campus carry to be legalized.

Georgia voted for a campus carry bill in a long emotional discussion this past week. On Friday, March 11, the Georgia Senate approved House Bill 859 that would legalize firearms on all public Georgia campuses.

The bill, would allow anyone 21 or older who has been approved for a Georgia Weapons Carry License to carry a gun on campus, as long as it is concealed.

The bill was first being presented by the Georgia House of Representatives, and now was voted on in the Georgia Senate. It will go to the desk of Gov. Nathan Deal who can very easily write it into law.


After much heated discussion that lasted two hours over whether it was wise or not to allow a student to carry a gun on his or her campus, the debate ended with the bill being approved.

The only areas on campus that this bill will not protect are dormitories, athletic events, fraternity and sorority houses.

Those in favor of the bill say it will be safer that the guns be concealed since concealed carry permits require fingerprinting and background checks. Another additional reason for concealment are those carrying a gun around do not want to figuratively say, "Hey, I'm a good guy and I have a gun."

If Gov. Deal signs the bill into law, Georgia will become the ninth state to do so with two dozen more allowing the individual school to decide.


Other proponents of the bill have also claimed the legalization of the bill will keep students safer when encountered with events such as the robberies at the Georgia State University library which is in walking distance of the state Capitol.

Numerous opponents have fought the idea of legalizing guns on campus for fear that students will not be mature enough to handle such a responsibility.


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Georgia Votes for Campus Carry