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Georgia Rut: When Does It Happen?

How to determine the rut in Georgia. 

This time of year, the Facebook deer hunting groups are buzzing with talk of the rut. It is all about who has been seeing rutting activity and where. It seems people are in two groups; the bucks are chasing like crazy or no one has seen a thing. I think the best way to answer the question of rutting time in Georgia is to get in the woods, plain and simple.

I have heard many different hunters in the Georgia area say it’s here, it is not there and it is starting. I think the best determining factor is how are the deer acting.

From my experience, you will start seeing bucks making rubs and scrapes and start coming out in the daylight hours. Let’s face it, the big ones don’t get big by being dumb. Another thing to keep in mind is that not every doe will go into heat at the same time.

Image via Flickr/FloridaFishandWildlife

Image via Flickr

Day cruise

I think that when you start seeing bigger bucks cruising during daylight hours, it is a great sign that the does are coming into or are already in heat. This is your best chance at killing one of these big boys. Knowing that they do not all go into heat at the same time will keep these big bucks out in the day longer giving you some great opportunities to get a chance at one.

I think it is just starting to happen at our club in Hall County, Georgia this week. This is a full week later than what I, and our D.N.R. department, thought it would be.

In closing, I guess what I am getting at is that the only way to really know when the rut is is to get in the woods and see how the deer are behaving. Look for signs from the bucks, they will let you know better than any calendar put together or any other information you may be able to find on the rut in your area.

Just this morning I had two does being followed by a great buck that I couldn’t get to stop where I could get a shot at him. He had just one thing on his mind: breeding. The deer are your best clue as to when the rut will be going on in your area. So get out there and find out!

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Georgia Rut: When Does It Happen?