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Georgia Makes Big Changes for Deer, Bear, and Alligator Hunting


New opportunities are coming to Georgia hunters in upcoming seasons.

Every two years the Georgia Department of Natural Resources (DNR) evaluates its wildlife populations, listens to what the hunters want, and changes regulations accordingly. This has led to some big changes in the upcoming alligator, bear, and deer hunting seasons.

The Georgia DNR recently lengthened the alligator season to July 31 and increased their quota from 850 to 1,000.

With bear populations easing towards metro Atlanta, the DNR opened numerous northern counties to try to decrease populations and keep them out of more populated areas.

For this upcoming deer season they tried to level the playing field between counties by making the second Sunday of January the end of deer season. Previously southern counties had an extra two weeks over northern counties.

Georgia DNR also made changes to “doe days,” and added some new rules for firearms and antlered deer for certain counties.

All these new changes have made getting a printed hunting pamphlet a must for this year.

“This is why we put out this free hunting guide.” said Tina Brunjes, manager of DNR’s Game Management Program. “Definitely in a year like this, with a big season change, you really need to pick up a copy.”

The new guides are also available online at

DNR also streamlined their registration processes for scheduling hunts on public land and state-managed property by adding a way to sign up online at You can use the same account you use to purchase licenses online when doing this.

These changes will stay in effect until 2017 when they may be changed again after the two-year evaluation.

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Georgia Makes Big Changes for Deer, Bear, and Alligator Hunting