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Georgia DNR Looking for Potential Poachers [VIDEO]

The DNR is on the hunt for poachers hunting out of season is Georgia. 

The Georigia Department of Natural Resources is investigating a case of illegal deer hunting in the Coffee Bluffs area of Chatham County, Georgia.

The large deer was found dumped in a marsh with a fatal bullet wound that raised concern for the DNR. Although found in the marsh, the location of the shooting is unknown.

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Alderman Tony Thomas of District 6 is very concerned about the potential poachers.“There are so many things that are illegal about this, the discharge of a firearm within city limits. The disposal of hunting deer out side of season. The disposal of a deer in the marsh lands,” he said.

Although the DNR is in investigative mode with this case, they still have not found much evidence on who shot the deer or where it was shot.

If the poachers are found, they may be charged with misdemeanor charges.

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Georgia DNR Looking for Potential Poachers [VIDEO]