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Georgia Deputy Arrested For Hunting While Drunk


A sheriff’s deputy arrested for hunting on January 3 is being charged for hunting illegally.

Crisp County sheriff’s deputy David Smith was arrested on January 3 after a local farmer spotted someone trespassing on his property late at night.

According to sheriff Billy Hancock, the citizen called the Sheriff’s Office when he saw David Smith on his land without permission.

The call came from southern Crisp County, and Hancock advised his team to contact the Department of Natural Resources as he felt there might have been a night hunter on the farmer’s land. The DNR responded and with the aid of a K-9 unit found David Smith in the field. He was wearing camouflage and the DNR officers found the deer he shot close by.

Smith has been terminated after serving as a sheriff’s deputy for four years, and will be charged with hunting without permission, hunting at night, hunting from a public road, and hunting while under the influence of alcohol.

In addition to Smith, Holly Butterworth is being charged in the incident for hunting at night, hunting without permission, hunting from a public road, and hunting from a motor vehicle.

The Georgia DNR is still investigating the incident and the arrests of David Smith and Holly Butterworth.

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Georgia Deputy Arrested For Hunting While Drunk