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Georgia Black Bear Breaks into Truck for Grape Soda [PICS]

Photos courtesy WF My News

Looks like somebody got a little thirsty. 

A Georgia business owner got quite a surprise when he walked out to one of his company trucks to find a bear inside. Apparently workers left some cans of grape soda, along with their lunches, inside the truck. This Georgia black bear smelled the food, performed her best Yogi impression, and helped herself to all of it.

Gilbert Simpson, the owner of the business, and the truck, quickly snapped a series of photos to show the event as it happened.


As Simpson watched the Georgia black bear, it climbed in and out of the truck several times.


He noticed that as it bear came and went, it was taking the worker’s lunches with it to feed her cubs. Knowing this, they all decided it was probably in their best interests to just leave it alone.


When the event was all over, the bear drank all the grape soda itself, but otherwise left the truck in perfect condition.


Fortunately for everyone involved, the workers allowed the bear to mind its own business and head back into the woods to its cubs on its own terms.

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Photos courtesy WF My News

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Georgia Black Bear Breaks into Truck for Grape Soda [PICS]