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Georgia Angler Catches State Record Bowfin on the First Day of Summer

Georgia Angler Jimmy Tucker has set the new Georgia state record bowfin.

Tucker, 55, caught the 16.3-pound bowfin on June 21 - the official first day of summer - while fishing with his pal Tyler Carter on the Suwanee River.

The 33.25-inch catch beat the previous state record by 3 ounces, according to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.

"Landing a 16-plus pound bowfin is no easy feat, so we are thrilled that Tucker and his fishing buddy - Tyler Carter - were able to get the fish in the boat to claim this new record," John Biagi, chief of fisheries for the Wildlife Resources Division, told "This record comes just weeks after another state record was tied in Georgia waters. If that is not incentive to get outdoors and go fish Georgia, I don't know what is!"

Bowfin are dogged fighters when hooked. Tucker used a Mepps spinner to catch the record bowfin. Baits commonly used to catch the species include minnows, frogs, worms, nightcrawlers and crawfish.

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Have you ever fished for bowfin? 

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Georgia Angler Catches State Record Bowfin on the First Day of Summer