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George H. W. Bush Honored for Conservation Efforts

Our former president was recognized for his fisheries conservation efforts.

The American Sportfishing Association, along with other industry and conservation leaders (including Bass Pro Shops founder Johnny Morris), recently honored president George H. W. Bush with the inaugural Keep America Fishing Lifetime Achievement Award.

The award is meant to recognize lifelong efforts to conserve America’s fisheries and their habitat. President Bush was the facilitator of several important pieces of legislation and enactments that overwhelmingly helped the recreational fishing community.

Bush's Conservation Accomplishments

Bush's Conservation Accomplishments
  • 56 new wildlife refuges
  • million acres of wetlands restored
  • 17.8 million acres of public lands protected
  • Signed the Clean Air Act reauthorization

“During his administration, President Bush, an ardent angler and outdoorsman, was responsible for signing into law some of the most important legislation ever drafted to conserve our nation’s fisheries and their habitat,” said American Sportfishing Association President and CEO Mike Nussman in the official release.

“What most people don’t know is that when Bush was Vice President, he played a key role in assuring the passage of the 1984 amendments to the Sport Fish Restoration Act – an action second only to the original Act’s passage in 1950,” continued Nussman.

“When President, Bush came to the Act’s rescue in 1991 making sure that the Office of Management and Budget did not divert any of the Trust Fund’s monies from their intended purpose of supporting sport fisheries conservation and habitat restoration. He played a key role in ensuring recreational fishing future.”

Bush can add this new award to the inaugural Fisherman of the Year distinction he earned in 1986.

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Bass Pro Shops also awarded a $125,000 gift in President Bush’s name to the Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation (RBFF) for its Hispanic angling and boating participation campaign.

The American Sportfishing Association is the industry’s trade association, and is devoted to voicing the concerns and interests of the entire sportfishing community.


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George H. W. Bush Honored for Conservation Efforts