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Generous Hunters Help Feed Hungry Families

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Christmas is the season of giving and no one knows this better than deer hunters.

For two decades, Georgia Hunters for the Hungry has made helping out needy people a top priority. Continuing this year, generous hunters help feed hungry families.

It all started back in 1993 for Georgia Hunters for the Hungry, and the Georgia Wildlife Federation has been with them since their inception. Since that time, the two organizations, with the help of others, have provided over a million meals to hungry Georgians.

The program relies heavily on financial grants from generous companies as well as anonymous constituents. In 2013 alone, the donations were in excess of $66,000. These much-appreciated dollars are then used in partnership with fresh venison donated by hunters and the hard work of meat processors all over the state of Georgia.

Through these strategic partnerships;

Georgia’s hunters generously provided deer to feed hungry Georgians. These donations, supplement the most difficult staple for food banks to stock, protein. Through the use of inspected meat processors, GHFTH was able to make available clean, safe, and healthy meals.

As of November of this year, there are even more ways that Georgia hunters can contribute to the cause. The addition of two participating meat processors means that more territories are covered which makes it even easier for hunters to find a drop station for the venison donations.

“We are excited to be able to expand the GHFTH program through the addition of two deer processors in middle Georgia,” says Todd Holbrook, president and CEO of the Georgia Wildlife Federation. He added that this latest increase brings the number of cooperating deer processors to 11 statewide. These processors serve the food banks that serve 145 of Georgia’s counties, according to the website.

These hunters are making a positive impact in their communities while making a great name for sportsmen all over the country. If you are interested in participating in this program by donating venison, becoming a partner, or just learning more, you can visit the website here.

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Generous Hunters Help Feed Hungry Families