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Geissele Automatics’ Single Stage Triggers Embody Predictability

The new SSP Super Speed Precision trigger is a new single stage trigger from Geissele Automatics, revealed at SHOT Show 2016.

The trigger pull weight is about 3.5 pounds. Geissele definitely nailed the crisp trigger break that should be felt in a precision AR15. The reset on the trigger was very smooth, also. The surprising part is how light the trigger actually feels in hand.

On an AR15, 3.5 pounds is “touchy,” but considering that this trigger would be applied to specific rifles versus a standard trigger, the approach is well-guided.

For AK enthusiasts, ALG defense released the new AKT trigger for $49. It features the hybrid curve, which is a proprietary design for ALG. The triggers for AKs are difficult to make because of looser tolerances. AK47’s tend to wobble a lot, most visibly under super slow motion footage, and the trigger housing needs to be able to withstand loose tolerances while still also functioning reliably.

When I tried the ALG AKT trigger at the SHOT booth, it was very apparent to me that the trigger was designed to give AK operators an edge above the rest. The trigger was finally predictable, and it needs to be fairly predictable on a rifle in order for the user to place carefully aimed shots at their intended targets.

Even an AK is capable of running small 3-4 minute angle groupings. The groups will only get smaller when the operator can carefully execute his trigger pull with reliability. Every precision shooter, after careful training, knows how much pressure they will have to apply  before that trigger is going to release the hammer.

Equally as important is the predictable trigger reset. Shooters will learn how far they will have to release their trigger before the trigger has reset and they can deploy another carefully aimed shot. Both the AKT, and the Super Speed Precision Trigger, offer the user those important trigger features. Stay vigilant in your training and research on new products for your favorite weapons.

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Geissele Automatics’ Single Stage Triggers Embody Predictability