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Geese Can Fly Over Mt. Everest [VIDEO]

Watch these incredible geese fly over the tallest mountain in the world. Yes, they fly over Mt. Everest. 

Incredibly, these geese are able to fly at altitudes that would be deadly even for trained mountaineers.


A biochemical and physiological adaptation allows these amazing birds to fly at heights where oxygen and temperature barely exist. For instance, at altitudes over Mt. Everest.

This video doesn’t say, but upon review these are bar-headed geese. This species breeds near Central Asia’s mountain lakes and winters in South Asia, as far south as India.

Scientists from Bangor University implanted some of these birds with devises that measured acceleration, altitude, and even their heart rate. These studies showed that the birds avoided the rigors of sustained flight by rising and falling in altitude to keep from lingering in the thinnest air.

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Geese Can Fly Over Mt. Everest [VIDEO]