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The Geep: A Strangely Cute Species [VIDEO]

NY Daily News

Hybrid animals are sometimes strange but, more often than not, darn cute. Especially a geep.

When I think of hybrid animals, the liger immediately comes to mind. Yeah, those are real. But here is a brand new species that is very rare, the geep. With a sheep for a mother and a pygmy goat for a father, Butterfly is darn cute in this video.

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The geep has a goat’s hooves and face but a sheep’s wool and tail. Butterfly was born in a petting zoo in Scottsdale, AZ. Usually, geeps are stillborn due to two chromosomes but this one made it. She is quite popular at the little zoo and can thank her parents of different species for her strangeness.


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The Geep: A Strangely Cute Species [VIDEO]