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Why a Gecko Makes Such a Great Best Friend [VIDEO]

Check out what this gecko does to save his best mate

It isn't often that prey faces predator and comes out on top.

It seems as if this snake chose the wrong gecko on the wrong day, though.

Facing certain demise a gecko seems to calmly accept his fate in the coils of his captor.  His friend, however, wasn't having it.

Though not specifically known for their strategy and critical thinking, the gecko can surprise us. This one assesses the situation and develops his plan of attack, like the savior in a tag team duo.

Inching forward he clutches on to the snake just enough to cause him to loosen the death grip on his ill-fated friend.

With a second assault from the gecko, the snake takes a wildly inaccurate swipe and falls to his escape, and hopefully for him, the pursuit of less gamely prey.

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Why a Gecko Makes Such a Great Best Friend [VIDEO]