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Gearing Up Your Gear: What To Bring On a Winter Scout Trip

The winter scouting trip offers many advantages over other seasons.

For the most part, hunting season is over with. Either you were successful or you’re eating tag soup, but on both accounts, you made it through another year.

Now starts the offseason duties. Scouting, as it should, will always give you a leg up when it comes to knowing and understand your surroundings. But it’s sort of useless if you don’t bother to do it until two weeks before next season.

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Seeing and knowing where bucks and does go in the dead of winter, how they move from one spot to the next, and determining which deer made ti through the season will be hugely beneficial when it comes time to load up the rifle and head back out in the woods next fall.

That being said, you don’t want to head out unprepared. This is the gear you need for your winter scouting trip.

Dress in layers

Wool is king of the woods and will keep you warm even if you get it wet.

Big Horn Gear



These are your best friend when it comes to scouting, so purchase a good pair that allows for good light gathering abilities.




Carry a good comfortable bag to carry your emergency gear, extra coat, lunch and anything you may find while out in the wilds, such as shed deer antlers.

Sportsman’s Warehouse


Insulated waterproof boots

Chances are you will be walking through melting snow, swollen creeks and muddy marshes. Keep your feet warm and dry and you will travel farther. Also, think about bringing another pair of socks to change for longer treks.

Sportsman’s Warehouse



Bring a lunch or snacks and plenty of water. Not a carbonated drink or beer, water. Fuel your body with a healthy blend to get the most out of your travels.

Shine 365

Pack light, enjoy the long distance viewing that you can get because of the lack of foliage, and scout those new or old locations. You’ll thank yourself by the time the next season rolls around.

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Gearing Up Your Gear: What To Bring On a Winter Scout Trip