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Gear That Works: Optics Planet OPMOD Pack

I have several packs, various book bags, hunting packs, and hiking packs, and they all cost several times that of the Optics Plant OPMOD Pack.

Yet I find myself using the OPMOD pack more and more. The kicker is the retail price, $36.99.

This budget friendly pack is loaded with features. It has a huge main compartment that can accommodate a water bladder along with an interior mesh pouch, six exterior pockets, four compression straps, padded shoulder straps, a chest strap and waist belt.

The fabric is tough and can take a beating. It's surprisingly weather resistant as well. The zippers, while somewhat coarse when at first, loosen up and are easily zipped and unzipped to get to your gear in a hurry.

My big test for this pack, while I wasn't using it as a tactical pack, was to carry camera and computer gear from Virginia to Detroit for the North American International Auto Show.

I walked around a convention hall and airports for four days with the pack loaded down with all that gear, and not only did it hold up, but it was actually comfortable.


The one thing the pack lacks is any sort of frame or sturdy structure, but as long as you strategically place the contents of the pack, it will stay comfortable. I use the interior water bladder pouch to hold my laptop, which made a great frame of sorts.

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Since that test, I've used the pack for everything from overnight trips, quick hikes and carrying in gear, to adjusting treestands and setting trail cameras.

The number of pouches makes it easy to stay organized no matter what. You can haul around multiple calibers of ammo and other range supplies just as easily as memory cards and batteries.

Is the Optics Planet OPMOD pack perfect? No, but for just shy of $37, it's an amazing deal, super durable and extremely flexible. You wouldn't be disappointed with this pack even if it cost twice as much!

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Gear That Works: Optics Planet OPMOD Pack