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Gear Review: Triple Toe Calls Push-Button Turkey Call [PICS]

triple toe

If you want an easy-to-use, effective turkey call, try this push-button call from Triple Toe Calls.

Turkey hunters have their pick of the best camouflage, blinds, shotguns, and decoys on the market. Without the ability to make realistic calls to draw in toms, however, you will end up sitting in the woods all day just enjoying the scenery.

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Most people like to use reed and slate calls, but I am a huge fan of the simplicity of wooden box calls. They were the first calls I learned to use, and they are still my go-to calls when toms aren't interested in anything else.

During my search for new gear for the upcoming turkey season, this Triple Toe push-button call caught my eye. Triple Toe Calls is a small call company located in Pennsylvania. They have only been around for a few years and manufacture a wide variety of calls, including turkey, deer, waterfowl, locator, and predator.

triple toe calls

Product Specs

  • Solid walnut construction, for natural call tones
  • Push-button control to turn off and on and adjust the pitch
  • Separate push button for clucks
  • Compact size fits perfectly in your hand
  • Capable of producing purrs, clucks, and yelps

Initially, the design caught my eye. Their cool, branded logo contrasted nicely against the beautifully-grained, dark walnut box. Once I got it home, I ripped open the package and, to my wife's dismay, began popping off calls with it. I quickly tuned the call, and I was highly impressed with the realistic sounds it made.

Its yelps had just the right amount of raspiness. It was also capable of clearly producing loud, fast, excited yelps and slower, gentler yelps.

With just a quick tap of the cluck button, it produced very nice clucks. I like being able to tap the button for a few quick clucks before switching over to yelps.

To produce purrs, you need to watch how you tune the box. They sound great until you turn the knob too far while tuning. You will know when you have turned it too far, as purrs turn into low screeches.

Field Test

Opening day of spring turkey season begins April 18, so I was afraid I was going to have to wait a while to field test it. In Kentucky, it is illegal to mimic the sounds of turkey from March 1 until opening day. Luckily, I ran into a WMA park ranger when I went out scouting early one morning. He gave me permission to test the call in a field near the station.

After finding a good hiding spot against some trees and brush, I began a series of clucks and yelps. This continued for hours, and I got nothing in response. I was about to give up, but then I tried a few more softer yelps. To my surprise, I got a response.

About 30 minutes later, a small tom made his way from the tree line a few feet out into the field about 70 yards away. I never got him any closer than that, but he kept strutting and gobbling to my calls. I waited for him to leave before finally making my own exit.

Since it was a warm, dry day, I do not know how well it will perform while wet or humid. I assume it is like most wooden box calls and would not perform well.


You can only purchase Triple Toe Calls online, at Academy, or a few select stores in Pennsylvania. I purchased mine for $19.99 at Academy. You can purchase them directly from the company for $17.50.

triple toe calls

After that field test I can't wait for opening day. I plan on using my Triple Toe push-button call all season if toms keep responding to it like that. It is a well-made, all around good call. It makes realistic sounds and simply works. What more do you need?

I think another thing I like about it so much is it is from a small company. It's a reminder to not always expect the best calls to come from the big companies. Support small, local companies too!

Images via Alex Burton

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Gear Review: Triple Toe Calls Push-Button Turkey Call [PICS]