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Gear Review: The Solo Stove is a Must-Have for the Backcountry Camper

Images via Mateja Lane

Bringing fuel for your backpacking stove was so last year. 

Why are we bringing propane into the backcountry when we can use the twigs and leaves we are surrounded by? Save some space and weight in your backpacking pack and consider a cooking stove that only burns natural material.

Solo Stoves are a lightweight, eco-friendly alternative to fuel-burning camping stoves. Its construction is simple; there are air flow holes in the bottom of the stove where oxygen can move freely in order to fuel the burning natural material you have collected.

Solo Stove

I recently used a Solo Stove on my last camping trip and I was pleased with its capabilities. We collected wood, substantially less than for a campfire, and broke it down so it would fit in the cylinder.


I would recommend bringing long matches. We rolled some paper up and lit it to get the fire going.

Solo Stove offers pot sets and other accessories like windscreens. Solo Stove provided us with the stainless steel Pot 1800 that has an easy pouring spout and handles which made it perfect for the soup we brought camping.


The makers of the Solo Stove have clearly thought of certain smart additions to this stove. For instance, there is a space in the side of the cooking ring in order to add more sticks and leaves. You will need a healthy pile because natural material obviously burns fast.

Our soup was ready, scalding and boiling in about seven to ten minutes.

Next, we brought out the s’mores because…we were camping!


The Solo Stove is pretty great. Everything comes in nice nylon bags for easy transport, because the stove and accessories will have ash and charcoal marks. I guess my only qualm would be that the bottom of the pot definitely gets black because it is over the fire, but it makes you really feel like a true camper! Ash and charcoal is part of the appeal. Propane may be cleaner for your dishes but is heavy to bring in the backcountry and less eco-friendly.

Buy a Solo Stove and some accessories for your next adventure. You’ll never run out of fuel in the backcountry again!

Images via Mateja Lane


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Gear Review: The Solo Stove is a Must-Have for the Backcountry Camper