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Gear Review: The ORVIS Recon Fly Rod on Stream and Lake

The ORVIS Recon Fly Rod is American made and designed for both the beginner and veteran fly angler in mind.

"Maps not included" is the statement from ORVIS about the Recon fly rod line and it becomes apparent why as this rod is designed for adventures off the beaten track.

Over a month my family put our 5 Weight Recon and Hydros SL reel through their paces on lakes and rivers. It is a rod designed to travel and made for those adventurous souls who want to fish those small streams, big rivers and lakes alike. With the lightest weight in its class and excellent transportability you are going to want to check this fly rod out.

Novice or experienced? Both.


The author getting into some bass with the new Recon
The author getting into some bass with the new Recon

What we found while fishing was that the RECON is an excellent fly rod for both the novice and experienced angler. The rod is super lightweight and responsive. Match the RECON with a Hydros SL reel you will have a ready-to-go package that will be forgiving for the newcomer, with excellent line loading for casting, and a delicate and nuanced feel that even the most experienced of fly fishing veterans will appreciate.

The Recon was used to teach my two kids at ORVIS fly fishing 101 classes and on our local waters. My wife used it effectively on a big bass lake and for small stream fishing with great success. Our 5 weight is perfect for multi-species, providing a good fit for warm water fishing like bass and also cold water trout, giving you a multi-purpose fly rod suited for your different fishing locations and species.

What do you get? The whole package.

Gear JPEG ready
The RECON package comes ready-to-go: preloaded fly line and an aluminum carry case that will protect it through thick and thin

When you get an ORVIS rod you are getting quality and craftsmanship. Hook into a RECON package and you receive an American made aluminum rod tube. This carrying tube will allow for rugged travel and will protect your rod from the slings and arrows of modern day travel. It also comes with a cloth bag and the reel comes with preloaded line and backing with its own protective case. Add a leader and some tippet and you are set for fishing.

This is also a great rod for backpacking, its lightweight and the four sections stow away nicely in the carrying tube, ready for that long hike into more secluded waters.

The closing deal

What is the closing deal for the RECON? It is American-made and supports good jobs in your own backyard. The RECON is made by craftsmen and women who care and fish as hard as you do. You can feel that quality as soon as you put the rod together and hold it in your hand, it is something special, that will work with you for casting those flies.

Match this quality American craftsmanship with the ORVIS 25 year guarantee to fix or replace a broken rod and you are truly onto something special. How many rods have I broke over the years....lets just say many.  Break a RECON and simply package it back in its tube and send back and they will fix it at no cost. Try to find that sort of guarantee with other rod builders. For you saltwater anglers they also have that covered for your next adventure with their saltwater line.

ORVIS is also a keen supporter of conservation efforts to preserve our streams and waterbodies. They work closely with groups such as Trout Unlimited giving back and helping preserve the fish habitat we all love.

Cindy on stream JPEG ready
The author's wife working the RECON and HYDROS Reel on a local stream

The RECON is an outstanding release from ORVIS and a tribute to their continual pursuit of excellence that has become a hallmark of all their products. With an excellent price point, you would be hard-pressed to find anything nearing their quality at this price, for either the rod or the package deal.

Cindy with dog JPEG ready
Some evening lake fishing with the RECON by the author's wife Cindy and our best fishing buddy: Ranger

If you are just getting into fly fishing, or have been doing it for decades, make sure you put the RECON on your list for yourself or that good fishing friend. You will be investing in a fine fly rod from an American company that cares.


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Gear Review: The ORVIS Recon Fly Rod on Stream and Lake