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Gear Review: The Tackle Taco and No, You Can’t Eat It [VIDEO]

tackle taco
All photos via Alex Burton

The Tackle Taco is a new fishing accessory that prevents your lines and lures from getting tangled together while on the go.

I laughed a while back when I first saw the Tackle Taco. It sounded like more of a ploy from a Mexican restaurant to target anglers into coming in, rather than a fishing accessory.

The Tackle Taco is anything but food though. It is a new way to prevent the age-old issue of accidentally tangling multiple poles together while putting them next to each other in your boat or car.

They also offer a great way to organize or take a few lures with you for quick fishing.

The idea and construction of the Tackle Taco is very simple. They took a clear vinyl, cut it into a circle, and added velcro around the edges to seal it shut. You then simply wrap it around your pole and lure to keep it held securely in place and stop the hooks from grabbing into anything.

Depending on what you are ordering, prices range from $9.99 to $29.99 for the different Tackle Taco holders. Most come in multiples of three except for the Clip Tacos for holding multiple lures.


The product really sparked my curiosity as I keep my poles suspended from the headliner of my truck when not in use. It is really annoying having to remove lures and break them down whenever I am not using them (which isn’t often).

When you constantly have kids and pets in and out of your vehicle, leaving a crankbait hanging above their heads is just asking for an accident to happen.

Tackle Taco recently sent me some of their products to take on a test run and see how effective they really were. I received two of the Taco pole wraps, various sized individual Tacos, and one six-lure holder (Double Taco) that can clip to your belt loop or pack.

I grabbed my tackle box and the multi-lure holder to try it out first. I comfortably fit four frog lures on one side and two crankbaits, a jig, and a spinner bait on the other. I clipped it to my belt and started off down the bank.

tackle taco

While I figured my lures would end up tangled together at some point, they actually stayed in place fairly well. When I wanted to change lures out I just ripped open that side, grabbed it, and closed it back.

It is perfect for anyone who is just spending an hour or so fishing after work and doesn’t need a full tackle box.

The individual lure holders work just as well and are great for leaving in the sides of your tackle bag for quick access. I thought they would be good for sliding a lure into your pants pocket, but I found out the hard way they have their limitations.

tackle taco

I stuck a small grasshopper lure inside the mini Tackle Taco and placed it in my pocket while fishing a small stream. Everything was fine until I leaned over a large rock to fish a pool behind it and must have squished the lure.

One point on the treble hook pushed through the Tackle Taco and poked me in the leg. Luckily the barb didn’t make it through the plastic.

tackle taco

As for stopping your lines from getting tangled together and preventing lures from getting hung in your vehicle, you couldn’t ask for a better product. Having these wrapped around your poles gives you an absolute worry free way to carry them around, store them away, and ensure no messes.

I use them just about every time I go fishing now and when hanging my poles back in their holder in my truck. It is so nice being able to leave lures on the poles without worrying that one of my children will hook themselves.

tackle taco

Now when I get to where I am going I can just pull my pole down, rip off the Tackle Taco, and go on about my way. I believe anyone who keeps rods in their vehicles should definitely invest in a few of these, they are well worth the money and will probably outlast your poles.

To get your own Tackle Tacos visit their website, and to stay up to date with their latest products, follow Tackle Taco on Facebook or Twitter.

All photos taken by author Alex Burton.

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Gear Review: The Tackle Taco and No, You Can’t Eat It [VIDEO]