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Gear Review: SportsTek 4-in-1 Multi-Function Headlamp [PICS]

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The SportsTek 4-in-1 headlamp is one versatile camping buddy.

This headlamp is a bit deceiving. At first glance, I immediately wrote it off due to its giant battery pack on the back of the strap and the seemingly numerous parts. But upon further investigation and use, I really started to like my new little camping buddy.

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I keep referring to this headlamp as a living thing because in its versatility I really did feel like it was my friend.

The headlamp comes clipped onto a strap and seems to have a lot of moving parts. It is not the lightest headlamp I have owned, this one being 11.48 ounces; but with its multi-use, that makes sense. The lamp and the battery pack are attached to one another by a cord, so you won’t lose any essential pieces.


So first, I put it on my head. It was much more comfortable than I thought it would be. I thought it would be heavy and that the battery pack, that takes four AA batteries, on the back of the strap would be cumbersome.

The battery pack is a square with a soft rubber cover and honestly, acted almost as a pillow when I leaned back on it to read. Again, the headlamp surprised me. I am not sure how waterproof the battery pack would be as the rubber cover does not seal around the battery pack but it does fit very snugly.


The actual LED lamp, which is 220 lumens, and the battery pack are clipped on to the strap. If you unclip them, you can create a standing light to put on a nearby stump to illuminate the campsite if you are putting up the tent, making a fire, cooking, etc. This is where the versatility in the 4-in-1 plays out and this was my favorite conversion feature.

I do have to say that the plastic clips were not the easiest to clip on and off, especially if you don’t have strong fingernails. But once you get the right adjustments, the result is pretty cool.


The light and battery pack both have clips which allow you to build the versatile ways you can use this lamp. You can clip the lamp and battery pack to your belt if you don’t want to wear it on your head.


The final conversion of this little guy is into a bike light. The SportsTek headlamp comes with a bike bracket that slides onto your handle bars. You then clip the lamp to the front and the battery pack slides down the back.


This lamp is bright. You can also focus the beam by twisting the lens which lights up a broader area or to create a more focused beam.

This headlamp surprised me many times along the way. I was hesitant with its bulkiness but its 4-in-1 conversions impressed me. My only qualm was with the plastic clips. In order to release the clips you must use your fingernails. I suggest a multi-tool. I am sure if someone was more gadgetly-inclined it would have been easier to create the different conversions but I would not have been able to do it without the directions. All in all, I got frustrated when I couldn’t detach the clips but once I got the clips either apart or back together to make the other conversions, I was a happy camper.

SportsTek is a family-owned company out of New Jersey, in Milford which is considered The Heart of the Highlands.

All images from Amazon


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Gear Review: SportsTek 4-in-1 Multi-Function Headlamp [PICS]