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Gear Review: SportsTek 4-in-1 Headlamp [PICS]

Images via SportsTek

If you ever need a headlamp that is good for any occasion, you may have found it.

Recently, I was lucky enough to get my hands on a SportsTek 4-in-1 headlamp. I’m sort of a flashlight guy so naturally, I was pretty excited about it. The beam is incredibly bright and is great for hunting, fishing, camping, or just about any time you find yourself in the dark. The batteries also last a long time as well. There are a few things I didn’t necessarily care for it though, but over all, it’s a darn good light.

First off, the main function of the light is to be a headlamp. This is the part of the light that I actually cared for the least. If I’m going to stick a light on my head, I want it to be lightweight and powerful. This light excelled in one of those areas. I found it to be heavy on my head and tough to wear a hat. However, it was very powerful. So depending on what you want in a headlamp, this could be right up your alley.

What I did like about the light was the ability to have a small mobile spotlight that didn’t take up a lot of pack room. The brightness of the light more than compensates for the small size and the battery life is excellent. I found myself reaching for this light every time I needed to tie a new knot in low light conditions on the water as well as lighting up the campsite before the fire could be made. It’s a nice tool to have when space is a concern.


I also like the ability to be able to attach this light to my belt. I actually have it attached to my belt more than I have ever had it attached to my head. The main reason why is I can still wear my hat when it’s on my belt. It more than lights up the entire path and isn’t very noticeable on the hip as opposed to the head.

Another function of this light is the ability to attach it to a bike. This is a feature that I have yet to take advantage of because I’m just not a bike guy. However, give me a trail, path, lake, or woods and this light is more than enough to get to the job done. I would recommend bringing an extra set of batteries though, just in case.

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Gear Review: SportsTek 4-in-1 Headlamp [PICS]