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Gear Review: ScopeShield Riflescope Cover

The ScopeShield Riflescope Cover is waterproof, durable and lightweight.

One of the most expensive investments that any hunter or shooter can make is a high-quality riflescope. It is that scope that can stand between an unsuccessful hunt and a filled tag.

After such a hefty investment, protecting that scope becomes of the utmost importance. Luckily, the solution to scope protection will not make your wallet very much lighter.

The ScopeShield, which retails in the neighborhood of $16 depending on options, is a water- and scratch-proof neoprene cover for riflescopes. Anyone who owns a riflescope and cares about their equipment has tried their fair share of scope protection products. However, ScopeShield stands apart from its competitors for one major reason; its practical application.

ScopeShield was not simply designed to protect a scope when it is not in use. Instead, it was meant for use in the field during everything from hunts in a light drizzle all the way up to the most extreme weather conditions.

While hunting in Alaska, ScopeShield inventor Jon Stram would sometimes find himself dealing with some of those extreme weather conditions. In 1995, Jon started a company on Prince of Wales Island renting campers and trucks out to people who came to the area to hunt, fish, and camp. The weather conditions were often rainy and hunters complained about not being able to keep their scopes dry during hunts. After not being happy with any of the products that were currently on the market, Jon decided to do something about it.

Following some experiments with various designs, Jon finally developed one that fit his desire for a scope cover that was waterproof, durable and lightweight. When outfitters and hunters began making requests for the product, ScopeShield was born.

I recently got a chance to test out a ScopeShield for myself and came away very pleased with the performance of the product. The first thing I noticed after receiving my ScopeShield was the quality craftsmanship of the product. There were no loose threads or anything of that nature. It just immediately screamed quality to me. After a quick perusal of the included instructions, I was ready to install the cover on my scope for further testing.


I grabbed my favorite rifle and scope combo off the rack and in no time at all I had the ScopeShield securely attached to my gun. It has a very innovative method of installation that ensures the ScopeShield will not be lost during hunting.

There is a loop on the front of the cover that goes around the trap of an attached sling or the bracket of a bipod, securely fastening the cover to any gun. The rifle I used for testing had a bipod attached and I had absolutely no problems getting the ScopeShield properly installed. (Don't worry if you do not have a sling or bipod attached to your rifle. The ScopeShield's instructions include a method of installation that utilizes a rubber band to secure the cover to your gun.)

I was very pleased with the fit and function of the ScopeShield. It formed a tight and secure fit over my scope and there was no concern of it slipping off. The inside of the cover is made of a very soft material that will not damage the finish on any scope, while the neoprene on the outside does a great job of protecting the scope from any sort of precipitation. I both poured and sprayed water directly onto the cover while it was on my scope. The water immediately beaded up and rolled right off, while also preventing any sort of condensation on the lenses of the scope.

This may sound like just another waterproof scope cover, but here is where the ScopeShield separates itself from the competition. The innovative design of this scope cover allows a hunter or shooter to seamlessly and quickly remove the ScopeShield during the shooting motion. Due to the stretchy nature of the fabric and a well-placed loop, the hunter is able to pull back on the loop and slingshot the ScopeShield off the scope all while raising the rifle to his shoulder. The loop that was attached during the installation process keeps the cover attached to the gun while also keeping it out of the way of the hunter's sight picture.

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I wanted to try this for myself to see if it could really be as easy and fluid as it seemed. I began to shoulder my rifle while pulling back on the cover and letting it fly forwards. After a couple of false starts and a little bit of practice, I had the cover flying free of the scope with natural ease. It would definitely be something that I practiced more at the range before going in the field, but I am very confident that it would not present any problems on the hunt.

Although the ScopeShield will not help to protect your riflescope from high drops or other major impact damage such as a baggage handler dropping your rifle case, it also was not designed for that purpose. The ScopeShield was designed to keep a hunter's riflescope dry and protected in the field while still always being at the ready for that unexpected shot, and it achieves that goal remarkably well.


For any hunter who has been afield in less than desirable conditions, has missed a shot due to a foggy scope lens or is simply looking for a great scope cover for general protection, the ScopeShield fits the bill perfectly. With prices ranging from $15.95 to $19.95, and color options from basic black to digital camo, the ScopeShield is an incredibly great value. The company even offers custom logo printing on ScopeShields.

All in all, I would not hesitate to recommend the ScopeShield to anyone who is serious about scope protection in the field and wants to eliminate the variable of precipitation from the hunt.

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Gear Review: ScopeShield Riflescope Cover